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Optimize opportunities with scientific research and organization development tools.

The RECA difference can help you achieve this outcome

RECA has proven experience in various fields using its vision with organizations we serve.

What does RECA do?


RECA offers a range of services from total design to report writing of any research project or we’ll collaborate with you on any component.


We use evaluation research to analyze the impact of social interventions or business strategies implemented to solve problems.


Does your organization want to turn ideas into action? RECA can help you design and execute programs or concepts.

What Does the
RECA Difference Offer?

Full range of organization development experience

Rigorous methodology


Multi-faceted approach to problem- solving

User-friendly reports

Continuous hands-on involvement

Increased productivity

Could Your Business Reach Its Maximum Potential?

Make the right choice today to achieve the results you really want.

Who Can RECA Assist?


Are you a business concerned about employee satisfaction, ethics and values, sexual harassment, or improving your bottom line?

State Agencies

Are you a state agency charged with ensuring that funded programs are effective?


Are you a non-profit needing hard data that support your outcomes?

Sole Practitioners

Are you rethinking your career path and want to expand your skill sets in a less traditional setting?

“Impeccable credentials”

“Alicia has impeccable credentials. She has tremendous energy. She is compassionate. And she can be a great asset for you and your organization.”

Dennis Smith | CEO Northern Illinois Food Bank

“Enormous Benefits”

“Dr. McCareins addresses issues by understanding core values and facilitates a process that brings enormous benefits to an organization.”

John Pruehs | President

“Fierce Determination”

“Dr. Alicia McCareins is a viable force of intelligence, organizing skills and fierce determination when working with people from all segments of society. “

Dr. Mary Ann Bobosky | Advocates Building Communities

“Better her community”

“From my positions as principal in Itasca elementary and junior high schools, I can say unequivocally that Dr. McCareins always was motivated by her desire to better her school and community. She is gifted, with a knack for program development, she is competent, trustworthy, and most significantly, she immerses herself 100 percent into any topic she tackles. Educational after-school programs she personally developed over 18 years continue to this day and have her name and fingerprints on them. That is her legacy.”

Dr. Reinhardt Nickisch

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